Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At MagiEmporium we strive for full transparency. We're not a big company, but rather the passion project of one individual. As such, I commit myself to full honesty and transparency as I work with you to find solutions and get your magical items to you in a timely manner!

  1. Are all items handmade?

    Most products were designed by me, but not all are handmade. Some products such as T-Shirts are printed through a print on demand service, made especially for you. Please be mindful of this as you order. Products are only ever made to fit a customer's specific order. Some products are outsourced to give you the best variety possible! 

  2. Do all products come with the full packaging experience?

    I love providing a greater experience by use of packaging, but not all products will arrive with such. Print on demand products are shipped directly by my printing vendor, but all handmade items are packaged by me and my house elves. Expect beautiful wax seals, owl feathers, and a package that looks like it was dropped straight from the talons of an owl!

  3. Do you allow returns?

    I want your experience with MagiEmporium to be fully satisfactory and will work, within reason, to help you fulfill your expectations. Please refer to our returns and refund policy for more information. I work on the honor system, so please remember print-on-demand products are made specifically for your order, returning products places a financial burden on me unless it's for a defect or accidental size issue.

  4. What if my items are lost in the mail?

    MagiEmporium offers Lost Owl Insurance in the event our messenger owl loses your package. We highly suggest purchasing this insurance for higher priced items. Replacements can be made for orders with covered insurance, but we are not liable for lost mail on orders without insurance.

  5. How are payments processed?

    Keeping your information secure is our top priority. For this reason, all payments are made through the payment platform or through PayPal. We do not store your personal credit card information on our website.

  6. Can I make a request for a new product?

    Absolutely! Email me at with your ideas and if I like them, I will do my best to create something based off of your idea! 





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