About Our Store


MagiEmporium is a passion project created by Mitchell Freitas for nothing more than pure fun and joy. Inspired by the books of magic and fantasy that continued to fuel me through the the pandemic, I began to bring magic to life through use of my TikTok and visual effects. As a form of therapy and creative expression, I began designing digital artwork and designs inspired by magical worlds and decided to share that joy with others through the use of MagiEmporium! 

I hope you enjoy the experience MagiEmporium brings you as I attempt
to keep the magic alive in all our hearts.


Wizard Version


This story is hidden from the eyes of those who do not possess magic. Welcome to MagiEmporium home of magnificent magics and more! Established in 60 BC in the bustling city of Rome, our store has been passed on from generation to generation. Our American branch is currently under the leadership of Mitchell Freitas. Mitchell was born in Brazil and attended the renowned Brazilian School of Magic until transferring to the UK for the world famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. A proud Ravenclaw in house and personality, he is more than glad to share the joy of this magical world to all those who crave an outlet to their nostalgia of the wizarding world. Officially registered with the Magical Congress of the United States, he moved to Boston in 1997 to study the influence of the Salem covens  and later craved his homeland's tropical climate, so he made his way to Florida where he lives today.

 Mitchell dueling with magic in front of Hogwarts castle

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